Brain Warm-ups Entertainment, LLC was created to fuse the power of music
and video with medical and scientific information that may otherwise lack the
attributes of music and video. In less than expert hands, the result could be
as exciting as watching paint dry, but when we do it, watch out! Seriously
"phat" beats keep booties shaking to our rhymes.
Click here to listen to songs from the CD,Your brain is old and flabby*.

Of course, anyone can enjoy these songs (we've been told that a 5-year-old
can recite the words to "Code Blue"), but please do so responsibly. These songs
are solely meant for entertainment, not as a replacement for medical or scientific
training and expetise. As medical knowledge grows, practices change. Just
think about how cardiac resuscitation has changed. I mean, really. Who'd-a-
thunk chest compressions did so much? While some of these songs are timeless,
at least in the mind of the creator, others are mouldier than the textbooks in your ER.
Use at your own, um... discretion?

For younger medical professionals: "textbooks" are information-containing
devices in analog format, in which words and illustrations are printed on paper,
then bound together with a "cover" to enhance longevity.

Recorded at Pete Szkolka Productions

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