Warm 'Em Up Vocals: Ted Willmore.
Background vocals: Catherine Cox.


Code Blue Vocals: Ted Willmore.
Announcer: Steve Lippo.
Always Consider It Tenor Soloist: Mark Virkler.
Men's Chorus: Frank Santoro, baritone; Phillip Smith, tenor;
Ted Willmore, tenor; special thanks to Fred Springsteel, Scott Marshall, D. Scott Miniea, and Gary D. Smith.
Violin: Marilyn Beissenherz, Carol Kmucka, Desi Long, Iris Wei.
Viola: Glenna Johnson (thanks for helping me find performers!).
Cello: Linda Lloyd.
Flute: Lisa Thill.
Clarinet: Lecia Cecconi-Roberts.
Trumpet: Dan Snurr, Katherine Virkler.
Trombone: Elizabeth Virkler.
Bass Trombone: Todd Yatsook.
Percussion: Jim Johnson.


Conducted by Ted Willmore
The Violent Patient Vocals: Schuyler Stegmann.
Background vocals: Catherine Cox.
Featuring the Unruly Crowd.


Difficult Airway Vocals: Ted Willmore.
Featuring the Unruly Crowd.


Fast and Wide Vocals: Catherine Cox.


The Left Side Vocals: Ted Willmore.
Background vocals: Catherine Cox and Ted Willmore.


Not Tonight Vocals: Lena Ajans and Ra Weir.
Background Vocals: Catherine Cox.


Status Attempted Vocalizing: Ted Willmore
Yelling Men: Frank Santoro, Philip Smith, and William Yelon.


Decontaminate Them Vocals: Tom Williams.
Background Vocals: Pete Szkolka and Ted Willmore.
Featuring the Unruly Crowd.


Brain Warm-ups Vocals: Catherine Cox and Ra Weir.
Theme Tinny Voice: Ted Willmore
Announcer: Steve Lippo
Featuring the Unruly Crowd
The Unruly Crowd Are and Ever Shall Be:
Sarah Evans, Frank Santoro, Phillip Smith, Leila Willmore,
William Yelon.


On Tracks 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10:
Guitars and Keyboards: Pete Szkolka


On Tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10:
Bass: Kevin Hennessey
Drums: Jake Hanselman


On Tracks 2, 5, 6, 11:
Sequencing and Keyboards: Ted Willmore


© 2004 Brain Warm-ups Entertainment, L.L.C.
Music, Lyrics, and orchestration by Theodore Willmore*
Produced by Theodore Willmore
Recorded and Mixed by Pete Szkolka
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain


Recorded at Pete Szkolka Music Productions, Columbia Missouri
*Ted is Theodore's nickname. He goes by Theodore for legal things like copyright, and also when he is in trouble with his momma.


Graphic design for the CD, website and weak Flash animations:
Ted Willmore, for lack of talented friends or contacts.










Lena Ajans Mitchell

Lena grew up in the midwest, showcasing her talents at home by producing and directing her first play in her basement at the tender age of 6. She went on to perform locally in plays, musicals and voice overs.

After college she spread her wings and moved to New York. She spent 7 years performing in many original plays and musicals and can be seen on episodes of Sex and the City. Upon returning to the midwest, Lena has thrilled audiences with characters ranging from evil to adorable.


















Catherine Cox

Cathy is a native of Columbia, Missouri. She and her husband, Michael, have 3 sons - Zachary, Aedryan and J'den.

Cathy has an amazing soprano voice, and she recorded the raps in "Fast and Wide" and "Brain Warm-ups Theme" masterfully -- after hearing the songs only a few times.


















Schuyler Stegmann If you want to experience more of
Schuyler's velvety voice, check out
The Cisco Fix's album Wait and See
on CD Baby.      top

















Ted Willmore

Ted wrote the songs and sang on a few.

Ted sings with the Columbia Chorale.


























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